11 August 2022

It really is quite melty today. 7:30 in the evening and still about 30 degrees. I think it will be a hot night. If sleep doesn’t come easily I will watch the supermoon.

3 August 2022

Checking in with the blog after 3 weeks (is it?) of puppy….mayhem….wrangling…settling in.

Not blogging has been a good plan as it’s been pretty hectic. An incremental adjustment to a new normal.

And she is a star.

Come Friday she can go out and about on the ground, as the vaccines will be in play. Adventures await!

In between all the puppiness small achievements have been achieved.

Finally got around to setting up Google pay on my phone. Thought it time I caught up with technology. And not having to always remember my wallet means forgetting my wallet will be less of a problem.

Bird observations have been fewer and further between. All that looking down to see if our puppy has done her business instead of looking at the sky. Still, I did spot, or rather heard a flock of swift’s a couple of nights ago flying high and heading south. Maybe 50 or so. I wonder if they were leaving?

And so the summer rolls on. A very dry one at that. And looks to continue in the same vein for a while to come.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting a bit more frequently again.

16 July 2022

I keep seeing a puppy running around our house and garden - is this down to the lack of sleep brought on by hot weather and very bright moon, or perhaps a cheese dream?

No, we really do seem to find ourselves with a new puppy.

12 July 2022

Hot weather in the summertime. Not my favourite but equally it imparts something of a holiday feel. A step outside the norm. I find the hottest part of the day enervating but enjoy the warm/cool evenings and the fading light that seems to last long after the sun goes down.

Daylight when I go to sleep and daylight when I wake up. A state of hyperrealism.

4 July 2022

I am mystified by our swallows. Two nests, two broods. Both broods seem to have fledged.

And yet, I have not seen anything of the young ones since. Usually, they’d be very obviously in and out of the nest site, often sitting in a row on a roof beam waiting for the parents to feed them.

The adults are still very much in evidence, and presumably will be gearing up for second broods.

I’ve no idea what has happened.

2 July 2022

I haven’t actually checked, but I think my posts here have become more sporadic. Haven’t felt like I have much to say right now so the perennial voice in the background that asks ‘what’s the point?’ has felt louder. In reality I know that at this time of year fatigue is a big player - hayfever and a busy time at work combine to cumulative effect.

However, I’m not going to abandon the blog. Instead, I am going to re-evaluate my approach to it and perhaps do things a little differently. Or I may continue on as I am. Who knows?

A friend stepped back from their blog earlier this week. And a post from Sameer Vasta has popped up in my RSS app announcing that he his effectively closing his blog down after 25 years.

Is there something in the air? No. Just the ebb and flow of life. Nothing is permanent. But that does mean new things appear in the footsteps of the old. And my blog is supposed to evolve, not be a finished product. I hope I can find a better way to write.

Stephen James

Minding the gaps

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