October 26, 2020

A day off for my wife and I and a lovely one at that. A walk in Wiltshire followed by cooking up lunch in the van. Very grateful for it to have coincided with such good weather and autumn colours.

September 20, 2020

Went out on the mountain bike this morning, up into the hills. Lovely light. Got to say, exercise seems to be one of the best ways to work off the morning’s cortisol, anxiety and stomach butterflies.

August 24, 2020

Another walk today, on the chalk hills in Dorset. Managed to dodge the showers. Just over 7k.

August 18, 2020

Day off today, so we got up early and hoofed it off to Exmoor. Arrived in the fog, cooked up pancakes and then went for a walk in the belated sunshine. Paddled in a stream, cooked up lunch, sat around enjoying the warmth and then wandered home. Feel better for that.

July 25, 2020

A bike ride up on the hills with my son and a friend. Somehow managed to time it to coincide with a spell of heavy rain. So warm though and little wind, it didn’t matter. Nice to try out the bike upgrades.

July 15, 2020

Took the day off on Monday for a family birthday. Went for a walk in a Wiltshire nature reserve we discovered last year. So very peaceful. Much needed.

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