March 15, 2021

I’ve fallen into the trap of fiddling around with the code for my blog rather than actual blogging. Having moved from Wordpress to Hugo, as per my plan, I’ve been working on IndieWebifying the site. The most important aspect for me was to get webmentions working. I think this is working now. It did take a some joining of the dots for a non-techy person but I got there in the end. Read more

March 29, 2020

As an IndieWeb newbie I am very much still getting to grips with many aspects of applying the principles to my Wordpress blog. I had been struggling with how to implement reply-contexts until I came across this article by Chris Aldrich where he explains very clearly how to use the Post Kinds plugin. I hadn’t discovered the Response Properties box available in the post editor up until this point, but now I have I can show neat looking links, excerpts and author details for anything that I am replying to or commenting on. Read more

February 26, 2020

Having moved my blog to Wordpress, the first task

Having moved my blog to Wordpress, the first task was to choose an IndieWeb-friendly theme. Over at there is advice aplenty on what themes work well - I won’t pretend to understand it all yet. I have used Autonomie by Matthias Pfefferle. I like it’s minimalist look - no doubt some tinkering will occur. The second task was to find a way to easily post to the blog without involving the ghastly Wordpress app. Read more

February 24, 2020

For the past few months my blog has been hosted on I really like the frictionless nature of using it. I mentioned this in a post in which I also said that I was done with Wordpress. So why have I been fiddling around with a self-hosted Wordpress site for my blog for the last week? Firstly, when I said I was done with Wordpress I was referring to Wordpress. Read more

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