December 14, 2020

On Sunday I set up a self-hosted Nextcloud server on the Raspberry Pi, using a spare USB flash drive for storage. This tutorial made it a relatively easy process to do, for a non-tech person, although I did make an error along the way that required going through and checking everything a couple of times. I can now access the files stored on the server from my home network. Next stop, set up remote access. Read more

November 29, 2020

Booted up the Raspberry Pi this afternoon for the first time. Used a redundant monitor, keyboard and mouse. It feels good to repurpose old gear that is sitting around unused. I’ve also set up VNC so I can use my iPad as a monitor. For the time being I’ve loaded Raspbian and I’ll probably keep it this way for the time being while I get used to using it. However, I’ve no doubt that I will fairly quickly get around to wanting to try some other setups. Read more

November 26, 2020

I’m not entirely sure what my plans for it are yet, but this Raspberry Pi 4 arrived yesterday. My new toy to tinker with over the long nights of winter. Mess around with Linux? Make a Minecraft server? Lots of possibilities and a few ideas in the pipeline. Goodbye boredom….

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