October 10, 2021

I was able to watch three talks live at yesterday’s Stoicon plus some other bits as well. Kai Whiting and Leonidas Konstantakos presented the first talk on The Equality of Moral Errors(sounds esoteric but was anything but), from which I learned about their book Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living in. I’ve added this to my reading list as it goes into Stoicism and its relevance to social justice, climate breakdown and global capitalism - some of the issues that have prompted me to look to philosophy for answers. Read more

October 6, 2021

I’ve bought my ticket for Stoicon 2021. All to be enjoyed from the comfort of my home! Tickets available from the above link.

September 15, 2021

I have just signed up for this year’s Stoic Week.

June 19, 2021

Last autumn, I started fiddling around with Tiddlywiki but for some reason which escapes me now, I didn’t get that far with it. Teaching myself about Stoicism, I am rapidly collecting a vast list of links to articles, books to read, concepts to research. To help get this information into a more useful structure I’ve set up a new Tiddlywiki and started adding to it. I’ll be interested to see how far I get this time. Read more

June 6, 2021

Coming at Stoicism from the CBT and mental health angle, I quickly came up against some pretty startling ideas. Visualising negative outcomes (premeditatio malorum) and considering ones own death or that of a loved one. Ideas that, on the face of it, could send anyone prone to catastrophizing into the very existential crisis they would like to avoid. However, dig a little deeper and I find that these ideas have a much more positive basis. Read more

May 2, 2021

Finished reading Donald J Robertson’s Stoicism and the Art of Happiness. A pretty easy read and good introduction to modern Stoicism. If I had to give it one criticism I’d say it is a tad repetitive, I would imagine partly because it’s part of a Teach Yourself series. I will probably read it through again in a bit more detail in due course. Delving into Stoicism, I’d not realised at all that it has experienced a resurgence in the last few years. Read more

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